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Durex Olympics


I’ve been watching the Olympics and the marketing around it quite closely. I’ve spotted a few Real gems, particularly from the brands who have no affiliation to the Olympics but have aligned themselves with London2012 in various cheeky ways..

PaddyPower, the Irish booky company, is known for it’s borderline advertising from web banner ad’s on XXX websites to underwear promotions on the boxers of footballers who wear oversized pants and no belts to keep them up. For the olympics, they have cheekily advertised the billboard below which makes reference to London.. But no not that one.

An official sponsor this time, Durex, had some rather innovative billboard ads around the Olympic villages. Incidentally the British company will be distributing 150,000 free condoms to 10,000 bored athletes throughout the duration of the games. This will no doubt have an effect on stamina and therefore a reduction in record-breaking times.

I also spotted the ad below by DurexSA tweeted as soon as South Africa’s rowing team won gold. Cheeky I love it!

If you missed the flag incident at the start of the games, North Korea’s woman football team were playing their first match but during the pregame introduction, the flag for their nemesis southern neighbours, South Korea, was shown as theirs. Needless to say Kim Jong Un’s ladies were not happy and subsequently stormed off the field and refused to play. They were eventually coerced into coming back out an hour later after the Olympic committee offered them unrestricted WiFi. Needless to say the local organizing committee were left looking like international fools. The cleverest mock ad was this one by Spec Savers UK – Smart!

Nike who are also NOT official sponsors released this quirky ad which played on all the legal wording and visuals of the Olympics.. Just. They joined the Olympics conversation online without the need to fork out billions in sponsorship payoff’s. It was VERY well done.

Finally, this has to be the BEST 2012 Olympics ad released by Proctor and Gamble. Their ‘Thank You, Mom’ campaign has been viral since it’s release and culminated in the pharmaceutical giants surprising athlete mom’s with tickets to the opening ceremony of the games. It plays on the emotions excellently and has been extremely effective. I absolutely love it and will admit that I cried like a baby when I first saw it (in a very manly way of course). A real tear-jerker. I love you mom

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