Pam Golding Properties launch industry first real estate AR app

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Pam Golding Properties have launched an industry first Augmented Reality app which truly enhances your experience of their property ads.. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you PGP Reality..

Wouldn’t it be cool if print or newspaper ads came to life? Now they do! With Pam Golding’s new PGP Reality app, available on the Apple iStore and Google Play Store, you can bring some of their property ads to life with the app. This includes video, links to online listings, virtual tours, 3d models and more..

To view the enhanced visuals of an AR marked page or image, download the free PGP Reality application to your mobile device. Once you’ve downloaded and opened the app, position the entire page within the camera view on your device and the enhanced content will be displayed via your internet connection.

Its innovative and cutting-edge technology and something that’s been in the works for a while.. (Insider info :-) ) Give it a go in the December issue of the Business Day magazine or pick one up at your local branch. If you’re not able to, don’t fret – There will be ads run all the Top newspapers with PGP Reality enhanced ads. Soon they’ll be on billboards and other marketing print channels as well. Who said print advertising was dead? This truly helps synergize print and digital and completely revolutionizes the medium. View the full Press release here.

Find some example ads to try the app out on here.

Property marketing will never be the same again..

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