How to RUIN your brand through Social Media

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If you’ve never watched Gordon Ramsey’s Kitchen Nightmares, it basically goes like this: Crappy Restaurant brings in Gordon Ramsey to fix it. He does – End of Story. But what happen’s when the restaurant is so bad that they abuse customers not only in person, but via Social Media as well?

Here’s the full episode of exactly what happened at Amy’s Baking Company in Scottsdale Arizona during the latest episode of Nightmare Kitchens:

This was the first time Gordon Ramsey quit on a restaurant citing their inability to listen. This is THE most entertaining episode I have ever watched. After this episode aired, irate fans took to Social Media (Reddit, Facebook, Twitter, Yelp) to vent their anger at the owners – Amy, The clearly unstable wife who runs the kitchen, and firmly believes the customer is always wrong with comments such as:

- I hope he eats it, I just made it really spicy for him.. I hope it hurts him

- I’m going to really hurt somebody if they send back my cakes

Then there’s the husband, Samy, who manages the front, and who seems like he has Mafia links especially when he manhandles a customer in the episode and threatens Gordon Ramsey. If you thought they had completely ruined their reputation during the show, what they did next will amaze you..

Amys Baking Twitter

Amy comment 1

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Amy comment 5

Amy comment 5

This online diarrhea has continued since the program aired a few days ago. But how do you mitigate the negative PR against comments you may (or may not) have made in anger? You claim your account was hacked ofcourse!

Amy hacked

What a FAIL of EPIC proportions.. This is what one calls Social Media Meltdown and the perfect example of what NOT to do online! Claiming your account has been hacked is a lame old trick used by many popular celebs including football players, victim of a momentary lapse of self-control (and the Print Screen button). It’s no surprise many believe the claims by Amy to have involved the FBI are all made up lies in a sad attempt to repair their severely battered reputation.

Silver lining: Rumour is that they’re now busier than ever with curious Online fans booking seats in the hope getting a glimpse of the madness that has become an online phenomenon.. Extraordinary!

UPDATE: Rumour has it that they will be getting their own reality TV show after being approached by numerous studios. They are said to be keen or face their restaurant closing down. Epic.

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